Full name

Adam Beeby


Artist, Maker


Cincinnati, OH


Artist,maker, podcaster


Adam Beeby is an artist and podcaster living in Cincinnati, OH.
Born in the small town of Kingfisher, OK, Beeby was immersed in comic books, which fueled his imagination and inspired him to draw his favorite heroes. As he grew, his ambition to create art grew as well.
He studied Art at South Western Oklahoma State University, East Carolina University and Mount Olive University and the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP graduate school.
Before returning to graduate school, Beeby spent time performing in the band Art Lord & the Self-Portraits and owned and operated Heroes Are Here, a comic book store in Goldsboro, North Carolina.
Currently, Beeby is co-host of the "What's Yer Weird Story? Podcast" along with Barry Johnston. They provide a platform for people to share their true life usual stories. Beeby also maintains a productive studio practice, often posting to his Instagram account @BeebyArt
Beeby describes himself as an artist and a maker. He paints, draws, makes photographs and sculptures. His work is personal, emotional, and expressive.